Monday 29 April 2024

The Delargo Gardens - April

 Hello me lovelies. Lovely to see you in the garden again. March was very mild and April has been very chilly but the plants don't seemed to have minded as much as I have.

The tulip pot has been the star of the show this month.

We always talk about successional planting and this pot is the perfect example.

All of the tulips are in one pot but flower at different times so that you get 2 completely different displays for the price of 1.

Last winter we lost our lovely Doronicum orientale 'Leonardo' (Leopard's Bane)

But Jon managed to find a replacement on his visitation to Essex.

He also came back with this very healthy and early Thunbergia Alata 'Orange Beauty'

My Lily of the valley;  Convallaria majalis. Planted in memory of my Mother who loved them.

Aubrieta “Gracea”

The first of our Auriculas.

We love mexican fleabane; Erigeron karvinskianus and are so pleased that it is doing well.

A new star waiting in the wings. Agapanthus “BlackJack”. More on this one in May methinks; we are very excited.

Geranium phaeum “Samobor” and Narcissus 'Thalia'.

time to climb up into the Land Rover for a tour of our vast estate. In reverse.

Here are a few of our ferns, unfurling and unfurled.

As is customary we will end with Fuchsias.

This is the Essex hoard and they are all coming on nicely, including 'Glitters' chosen to be trained as this years 'Standard.

and we kick of the Fuchsia Fest sneak previews with a 'Standard'; 'Sheila Crooks'

Well there tiz me darlins. Despite the chilly weather the garden has come on leaps and bounds this month. It now does look like a garden and not just a rather large collection of various pots.

Donny and I hope to see you back in the garden next month. Roll on May !

Till then me dears.
It's Ttfn from Donny
and it's Ttfn from me

Toodle-loo and Pip Pip.


  1. Spring has well-and-truly sprung! The garden's practically creaking with growth... Jx

    1. Fingers crossed it looks like the garden is about to turn Fabulous.
      Can't wait to see what May will bring us.

  2. I think Lily of the Valley has to be one of my favorites of the spring. I plan to reintroduce it to our garden next year. My father use to have a long patch of nothing but Lily of the Valley, long gone, dug up and grassed over by the mother years ago. I used to pick stems of them at my old pied de terre and placed them in vessels all over the house. It smelled as heavenly as hyacinths or our forthcoming lilacs

    I'd say your off to a good colorful start there boys.

    1. The gardens of La Casa Borghese are looking fabulous and very colourful too and I must say how much I enjoy my visits.
      Lets hope we have a good Summer and are able to enjoy the fruits of our labour just siting in the sun with a G & T (or two)

  3. I had no idea you had this blog with all these beautiful photos. I saw a reply on Jon’s blog that mentioned it. So glad I came over.

    1. How lovely to see you in the garden; I'm so glad to have you aboard.
      Now that you have found us (Thank you Jon) I hope you pop in again.
      May already looks full of promise and there should be a few gems on offer.

      PS. I have often wondered what gardening in the south of Spain would be like.

  4. Jon mentioned your blog and all of the gorgeous plants, so I am absolutely delighted to have found you! The MITM (my husband & designated gardener) and I have just started (here in Los Angeles) container gardening again. Y'all are an absolute inspiration, sweetpea! xoxo

    1. Hello savannah, lovely to see you the the garden. It pays to advertise; thank you Jon.
      I look forward to seeing your new garden.
      I post our garden every month and hope to see you again in May

  5. I love to see all the ferns unfurling and all the places that foxglove seedlings sprout from (I'm looking at you, poor Cordyline stump!), and I can't wait to see how Agapanthus "BlackJack" turns out! I've got a new Agapanthus this year but can't remember what its called at the mo - I'll have to check the label tomorrow ("Midnight" something, perhaps?)

    "Gay Senor, Glitters, and a string of disco balls. Who lives in a house (and garden) like this? David, it's over to you."

    1. Hello dear. I thought you would enjoy seeing some of the ferns doing their ferny stuff.
      The Cordyline is looking rather sad and only a shadow of it's former self but at least it's alive.
      Doesn't every garden have Disco Balls ? if not they should