Saturday, 29 February 2020

The Delargo Gardens - February

Here we are again me dears with the February garden. I must admit that I am rather late as usual.

I ended the last post saying "Feb looks like it might be rather Fab" to which the lovely Ms Scarlet replied "Yes, if you're a duck." as it turned out we were both correct ! We have just had the wettest February on record but at least it has been very mild and our bulbs are looking fab in all their pre Spring glory

Narcissus Tete a Tete looking very jolly on our kitchen window sill.

Primulas have given us colour all Winter and are still going strong

as are both types of Cyclamen

We planted a whole variety of bulbs last Autumn and they are starting to repay us with dividends

Anemone blanda

Dwarf Iris

Dwarf Crocus, rather disappointing so far.

and last year's Ipheion uniflorum to which we have added new stock

All bodes well for Spring proper next month

Spring bulbs and last years plants sheltering from the cold, wind and rain.

Hopefully next door will repair their fence before the next post

Herbaceous and perennials are waking up from their Winter sleep.

My little spot. Looking a bit scruffy now but not for long me hopes.

There tiz then, me lovelies. 
Winter may not be over yet but Spring is very much on the way and I can feel it in me bones

Do pop back next month and see how things are doing
Till then, then,