Monday, 31 August 2020

The Delargo Gardens - August

Here we are again my lovelies with the August garden. 
A real mixture as far as the weather was concerned. We had a heat wave but the rest of the month was grim, wet and generally miserable.

 There are still a few jollies here at 'Delargo Towers to cheer us all up a bit.
Our new lily; Lilium Speciosum var. Rubrum has given a few blooms
 and Eucomis 'White Dwarf' is a great joy this year.
 It is known as the 'Pineapple Lily' for a very good reason
 Old favorites are still going strong; Ipomoea Lobata - Spanish Flag
 Thunbergia Alata, commonly called Black-Eyed Susan
 Our fabulous Dahlia
 Herbaceous Geraniums are giving us a little second flush
 While our Phlox just hasn't stopped flowering
 This is a cutting from last years New Guinea Impatiens. It is just starting to do its stuff now and is a gorgeous colour
 Along with the Fuchsias on the Fuchsia wall we have a few upright ones giving the borders a bit of a lift; Walz Jubelteen above and below is Hazel Elizabeth
 It has been a good Summer for our Perovskia Atriplicifolia 'Blue Spire'
 and for Agastache  'Liquorice Blue' the bees love it and it is great for filling late Summer gaps.
 Now is the season for Salvias this one Salvia 'Love and Wishes' has flowered just about all Summer and is still going strong
 Salvia 'Amistad' has been flowering for awhile too.
Salvia Uliginosa is only just starting. It is a heavenly blue and will be worth the wait.
The scarlet flowers of  Salvia Coccinea are dotted around the garden and create a delightful effect.
 Time for a quick tour of the extensive grounds here at 'Delargo Towers'.
 Fuchsias and Ferns
 Fuchsia Thalia has been exceptional this year.
 Unlike Cobaea Scandens. It is heading for the sky but has had just one flower so far. I am put to shame by my sister's plant down in Devon which is attempting to take over the planet and is smothered in flowers.
 So there tiz me darlins, still lots to enjoy and to look forward to

Cyclamen are starting into growth, the Winter Pansies are coming into flower and we can feel Summer starting to fade away on us.
Lets enjoy what we have while we still have it and I will see you back in our garden again next time to see what September has to offer us

Till then it is
from me

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Divas Icons and Gorgeousness

Hello me dears
Here we are with a round up of my wanderings on the worldwide wonder web

Elaine Stritch, Cheers!
 Piaf in Paris, by Brassa├»
 The First Class Dining Room of the Normandie .
 Forever Divine.
 Eartha Kitt in the musical Timbuktu 1978
 Joan Crawford in the 'Best of Everything' 1959
 Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix 1991
 Sir John Gielgud, 1947 by Irving Penn
 Sir Robert Helpmann as Oberon, 1937
 Gore Vidal and Chad White
 Dame Olivia de Havilland
 David Hockney in 1984 by Lord Snowden
 Frida Kahlo aged 16 or 17
 Amy Winehouse, Patron Saint of Camden
 Cecil Beaton in Morning Dress 1972
 The Shipping House, Amsterdam.
 Ivor Novello
 Marlene Dietrich by Cecil Beaton, 1935
 David Bowie, 1978.
 The wonderful Mrs Shufflewick aka Rex Jameson 1955
 Rene Lalique Terpsichore Vase  1937
 Derek Jarman as Miss Crepe Suzette, 1975 Alternative Miss World Contest.
 Just for fun
 and a little more fun
 I want these SO much. Tomasz Donocik Emerald and Ruby Crocodile Cufflinks
 Vivien Leigh 1935 by Sasha Getty
 Stephen Tennant with his bust
 The Relay by Robert Tait McKenzie, 1910
and to end with the most adorable and adored Sal Mineo.

There tiz then me darlins
hope you found something to tickle four fancy