Tuesday, 25 December 2018

The Delargo Gardens - December

Well me lovelies, the solstice has past and here we are in the not so bleak Midwinter. In fact it has been very mild so far.

 Evan the snap dragons have refused to stop flowering

Along with pelargoniums

 Salvia Amistad -

 The cobaea scandens -

 and several of the fuchsias'

This is Devonshire Dumpling but I shall resist posting the others as I intend to ( as promised months ago ) post a review looking back at the 2018 collection in the new year.

 A quick tour of the garden - looking towards the pelargonium house -

 Down towards the fernery -

 The kitchen garden -

 and the fuchsia walk.

 We have been so pleased with our ferns we intend to increase the collection next year.

 Although it has been very mild, the damp and the dark does get rather wearing

 But we have these little darlins' just outside the kitchen window to spread some cheer.

 Every Autumn we invest in a Hippeastrum.

 This years is ' Cape Horn' and is very lovely indeed.

So we still have plenty to enjoy now and every sign that we will have even more  when Spring finally emerges.

But don't wait till then me lovlies, join me in January to see what the weather throws at us then and for the 2018 fuchsia review.