Monday, 31 May 2021

The Delargo Gardens - May

 Well here we are me dears a little late but then, so is the garden! In fact 2 or 3 weeks later than this time last year. It has certainly been the coldest and wettest May that I can remember.

 Be that as it may our is Geranium Maderense finally in flower

It has been flowering for most of the month and shows no sign of stopping. In fact the flowers are getting bigger.

 Though lovely, this year our tall Aquilegia can't compete with it.

 New for us this year is this very sweet Veronica. It is planted with Geranium × oxonianum Wargrave Pink which is a delightful combination.

 I have become quite fond of this big, bold and brassy Osteospermum:

 Thalictrum Aquilegifolium is looking fab.

 Lilly of the Valley planted in memory of my mum. The smell is gorgeous and reminds me of her.

Bluebells remind me of Devon and are just joyful.

 Our only other Aquilegia this year is doing well; and we have lots of seedlings for next year ready to plant out.

 All stars need a supporting cast:

 Last month's stars, the Tulips were still looking good at the start of the month.

 The cold and wet has made things a bit on the miserable side for us.

But the Violas and Pansies have loved it

 And we are now starting to get a fresh crop of Pelargonium blooms.

With everything being so far behind, we will have to wait till next month to see some of the things that should have been in flower this month.

The Fuchsias in the back passage are still sulking but the Ferns are looking marvellous.

Me seedlings are still waiting to be planted out. We would normally have done that by the beginning of May but not this year!

Hopefully they and the rest of the garden will catch up with themselves in June.

There tiz then me lovelies. A bit of a short visit but I promise to make up for it next time.