Thursday, 30 August 2018

The Delargo Gardens - August

Here we I am again me dears, feverishly trying to get back up to date for October.

This was how the gardens of 'Delargo Towers' looked in August

I must say for a new garden it looked fab and we are feeling a bit chuffed with ourselves. 

It really has filled up very quickly. 

 and is putting on a good show.

Salvia 'Amistad'  has grown massively and is flowering well.

 A little behind but doing it's best to catch up, Salvia uliginosa

 We didn't know we still had Nicotiana sylvestris until some stray seedlings popped up.

 a climber no garden should be with out, Cobaea scandens.

 and another must, Ipomoea (Mina) lobata (Spanish Flag).
It has been stunning this year.

  This rather jolly climber with it pretty leaf and red flowers is 
Ipomoea multifida

 Here, it is growing up the tree lily now that it a finished flowering.

 We thought we had lost the Asarina (Maurandya) scandens
which would have been sad but again it had seeded itself into odd pots.

 This year we thought to try a different variety of Thunbergia.
I think next year we will stick to the normal orange.

 The phlox, still flowering it's heart out

 Our new fernery.


complete with  Ipomoea tricolor ,  bizzies -

& climbing fuchsia, Lady Boothby.

 Fuchsia Elfriede Ott has flowered all summer.

 Unusualy subtle for us Holly`s beauty

 Baskets galore, to hide the rather ugly fence.

 To end our little tour we have our gorgeous Dahlia.

There tiz then me darlings

Now I did say the Doncaster Donny would not make an appearance until I was up to date. 
He has however sneaked into two photo
Did you see which ones boys & girls ?

Answers on a post card or a sealed envelope please.
To reach me by no later than yesterday.