Monday, 30 November 2020

The Delargo Gardens - November

 Here we are again me Dears. November is over, all the leaves have fallen and for the most part swept up and we await the winter to start in earnest.

We have actually had a very mild month and some of the Summer flowers refuse to give up

The dahlias are running out of steam but are still flowering
The fuchsias however just refuse to slow down and are bloomin-tastic.
I am planning an end of year Fuchsia fest so more of them later.
Salvias are keeping on keeping on too.
they just have not stopped.
I think they have been extra fab this year
I am sure they will carry on till we have a proper frost ( which won't be for ages yet, I hope )
Our Cobaea took ages to get going this year
But it is flowering like mad now.
My back passage is still rather lush.
The main garden  before its Autumnal tidy up
and after
Wine time corner
Now me loves, we don't venture up to the top field often but it is now the home for our old bench and it has a patch of soil where last years polyanthus and a host of bulbs just waiting to strut their stuff.
In the meantime our jolly Pelargoniums continue to give a splash of colour and with luck will continue to do so through the Winter
The true winter gems are coming on nicely
almost ready to take centre stage in December.
Subtle they are not !
But I don't care, In the months to come when it's dark damp and grim I Will Need Colour !

 Poster paint Blue, Pink and red ! In Winter and in Spring there is no such thing as a colour clash.

 I hope you have enjoyed your private tour of the Gardens of 'Delargo Towers'. We will have 'Rolls' waiting for you on your next visit. 

I would however like to ask that you refrain from tipping the staff in the interest of harmony on the estate

Till next time then me darlins.