Saturday, 29 September 2018

The Delargo Gardens - September

Hooray ! We have reached the September post and are now up to date, with the October issue pending.

 The garden is full to bursting point and full of colour too.

Any idea of design, restricted colour palates or having just 4 or 5 types of plant and repeat planting is out of the window !

 And we say 'good' to that !

 Let's have a riot of vulgarity.

 We love it.

The long hot Summer is in it's final stages but the Salvias are starting to kick into over drive.

 Salvia x guaranitica 'Amistad' this year is the best it has ever been.

After a slow start Salvia guaranitica 'Blue Enigma' is doing nicely.

 Ipomoea(Mina) lobata (Spanish Flag) is looking amazing.

 our dahlia has never looked better and for so long !

 Nor the Thunbergia  alata this year we tried  'African Sunset'

Our fernery.

Cobaea scandens

 A lovely regal pelargonium that thinks it is a rhododendron.

 and new for us this year Petunia “Surfina”, pink. It has been a mass of flower since early spring and has not gone as scruffy as our normal

We sowed a few nasturtiums to fill gaps and this was all we got !
We did sow very very late though.

 Another new plant this year, a begonia from 'Wilko'
I have never liked them but it has looked fab all summer.

 It is not the end of summer yet just the beginning of the end
But time to think a head to the Spring with bulbs and pansies.

 So pleased with our garden, so pleased the blog is up to date
So pleased Doncaster Donny is back where he belongs,
ready to wave -

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