Monday, 30 July 2018

The Delargo Gardens - July

Here we are then me lovelies ( still playing catch up )
With the post-dated July garden.

 After a cold late Spring every thing is a couple of weeks behind the norm.

 Even so, July was lovely and we were very pleased with our new little garden.

 We have lots of old friends from the old garden. Salvia x guaranitica 'Amistad' with Monarda didyma 'Red Colours'

Our Dahlia, one of the "Bishop's Children" is really starting show off !
While the herbaceous border we have squeezed into troughs is filling up nicely.

Lobelia “Fan Burgundy”

Campanula medium “Deep Blue”

Old and new together, Salvia transylvanica grown for seed a few years ago and the new Salvia x jamensis “Nachtvlinder”

Also new this year Geranium sanguinium “Max Frei” -

- and Penstemon hybrid “Phoenix Pink”

Words fail me when it comes to our old fave, Phlox paniculata.

If you look closely you can see that the Hawk-moths love it too

Pure joy

Another new addition is this single flowered black hollyhock !

Ok it is white and double ! Thank you Home Base ( not )

Sad news we have lost our Tower lilies to disease but the one our friends, Mark, gave us a few, years ago and they have more than made up the loss.

They were spectacular !

and the scent divine.

Thank you Mark.

With the move we didn't do much in the way of seed sowing this Spring.

Ipomoea was a must however. This year it is tricolor 'Kniola's Black'

Or Kniola's not Black as I like to call it.  It is a joy any way.

As were the Petunia, “Frenzy” mixed

Fuchsia 'Winston Churchill and Jack Shahan.

I intend to give the Fuchsias a post to themselves soon so not to many this post. This is Thalia  with a lovely Pelargonium grandiflorum.

Thumbergia just coming into flower.

Now then me dears most people know I hate bizzy lizzies and you might have spotted the bright pink one earlier ( Impatiens walleriana “Dezire Rose” ) if you were paying attention. How ever needs must, it and this Impatiens hawkeri (New Guinea impatiens “Petticoat Allegro” ) fill difficult spots around the garden with colour.

You may be wondering where Donny the Doncaster gnome is. Well to tell you the truth he is refusing to make an appearance until the blog is up to date

In the meantime here is a jolly visitor to the garden this month ectemnius cavifrons