Tuesday, 31 March 2020

The Delargo Gardens - March

Here we are then me lovelies. March has been and gone, Spring has Sprung and the pots are full of colour. 

 The cyclamen are still flowering their little hearts out and the blue of Ipheion uniflorum “Jessie” and “Rolf Fiedler” are pure joy

 Anemone blanda

 and the welcome return of Chionodoxa forbesei “Pink Giant”

 We bought two mixed bags of crocus last Autumn.

 One of miniature crocus and one of giant crocus

 The miniatures were disappointing to say the least and got lost in with Iris reticulata

 The giant crocus were fab though.

 and held their own against the showy hyacinths.

 The smell was heavenly.

 A plucky yellow osteospermum has decided to flower early.

 as has one of my auriculars

 The wall flowers are coming into their own now 
but I have saved our greatest joy till last
25 tulip bulbs jammed into 1 pot and left to see what happens

 and my word they are off to a good start.

 The clearing and sorting out has started

 every thing is growing away

 By next month we hope to have some semblance of order

 It seems that all the fuchsias have come through and are starting new growth

 Hopefuly we will look like a garden again by my next post.

 I have been amis in not posting what is going on in the front garden, usually it's not much.

 but we do have another early osteospermum

 and the little tulips are looking sweet poking through the polyanthus

Well there tiz then me darlins. Seeds have been sown dahlias and begonias are up and it is full steam ahead into April

Bring it on

Till next time then