Wednesday, 30 October 2019

The Delargo Gardens - November

Here we are me lovelies, at the end of the rather depressing month of November.
Summer is just a memory and we have the whole of Winter to get through.

A few little jollies still gave us the odd bloom.

We have grown Cobaea Scandens every year for ages but this was the worst year ever.

It tried to make amends with some late flowers. We will give them a bit more T.L.C. next year.

Earlier in the month we were still awash with leaves despite our efforts to clear them last month.
Now, howerer as we head into December they are clear and the trees are barren.

Where would any late season garden be without Salvias.

They have been giving us a wonderful show for a couple of months and now are still giving us colour in the garden when it truly is most needed.

November is change over time. 
We enjoy what is left and plant to give us colour in the harder months to come.

We have had the most amazing season for our Fuchsias.

They have showed off brazenly all Summer.

With 33 different named varieties it has been a non stop cabaret with some reaching their peak while others had a little time to rest before it was their time to take center stage.

We have had a couple of nights with temperatures below -1'c.

But some of them have no intention of stopping flowering.

They are are such a joy at a time when there is so little about
Now we have to try and get them and our other ( non hardy ) plants through the winter.

Dahlias and Begonias will be lifted and stored here too, along with all our tender plants.
Then we will just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

There tiz then.
Batten down the hatches

The Delargo Gardens - October

Here we are then me lovelies
and I am a little late as usual.
The clocks have gone back an hour this month
(It is not the clock that's wonky but me by the way)

we are indeed in Autumn proper.

This is the Black Walnut tree 'Juglans nigra' at the bottom of next doors garden. It blocks our sun all Summer but is looking rather good at the mo.

We still have plenty of colour though

Our fuchsias' have been so good this year and are still full of flower and going strong.

The ferns have grown well too. I think we need more next year.

Some of the Summer flowers are still hanging on or giving a second flush.

We grew the red New Guinea Impatiens this year as we always do but also this year we had this lovely pale lavender one which has bloomed non stop all year. 
Jon has taken cuttings so we hope to have it again next year.

Along with the fuchsias the salvias are looking great and doing a sterling job feeding the bumble bees.

they are the same as last month so click back for the names.

We have no where to protect any thing from frost so it is fingers crossed for our fabulous geranium maderense

No need to worry about the wallflowers and 'forget me nots'

and our stock of Spring bulbs and corms

 These are not primroses 'Primula vulgaris' but last years Primula Polyanthus.

But they are still helping me think of Spring even if Winter has not started yet

Till next time then me darlins'