Monday, 30 August 2021

The Delargo Gardens - August

Here we is then me darlins, better late than never. Now then I do feel a terrible guilt about being as late as I is but thanks to being able to back date it no one else will need to know so it can be our little secret.

August! It has felt like early November for most of the month; the central heating came on and I have been wearing a fleece in the daytime! Be that as it may, things are still growing and still flowering.


We kick off with a newbie. We have grown a pink phlox for many years and thought it might be fun to add another. Say hello to Phlox paniculata 'Blue Boy'.

Also new this year and grown from seed: Agastache cana 'Heather Queen' It is lovely but a little scruffy but would look good in amongst other plants. The scent from the leaves is said to repel mosquitoes!

 After waiting a year for it to flower our "deep dark blue" Agapanthus turned out to be a lovely pale blue - we complained and got our money back so we got this little beauty for free!

The evil weed trees are blocking out our sun more and more. We have several plants that are suffering from that this year. Our Hollyhocks are amongst its victims. We had a pathetic show this year.

New last year and was looking amazing by the end of the month: Crocosmia 'Emily McKenzie'


Our Eucomis is a bit smaller than last year (poor watering and feeding on my part I am sure). We also have baby  Eucomis of a different variety from the lovely Mr. Device which is now just a toddler - far too young to flower but doing very well.

September is the month that Salvias dominate the gardens here at 'Delargo Towers'. The joy this month is having the early ones still in flower and the later ones just starting, all flowering together.

Above is Salvia Coccinea, grown from seed, and below Salvia patens 'Patio Deep Blue', which has flowered non-stop all summer long.

New this year and bought for Jon's Birthday, Salvia 'Rockin Fuchsia' which is just fabulous. It is set against another new Salvia 'Verticillata Purple Rain', which though past its best, is a must-have plant.

Salvia 'Love and Wishes' is similar but much darker.

The Queen of Salvias - 'Amistad' !

Lastly, Salvia uliginosa:

I was never a fan of Begonias but they are such good do-ers and take a lot of shade... This is 'Sangria'. It is big and is at least 3 years old.

Clematis 'General Sikorski' with Nicotiana affinis

Scaevola "Fairy Fan Flower"; and lets be honest - every Fairy needs a fan.

I said earlier about the encroaching shade from the evil weed trees. This will be the last year for our Monardas. They are just so sad and pathetic. We will not see them in this garden next year.

Lobelia x speciosa "Fan Burgundy"

The last of the Lilies to flower this year, Lilium speciosum var. Rubrum


Now then me dear we are of onto the Grand tour of our extensive gardens.

The Red and Yellow border.

Looking up

Up to the top field...

Next is Ricinus communis, 'New Zealand Purple' It had a hard start in the Spring and I hoped it would have been much bigger than it is. It can still give the ones in Regent's Park a run for their money and they have glass houses too, which we regrettably don't.

Looking down from the top field.

My "Wine Time" spot.

A look up our back passage

Lush !

We finish with a Fuchsia! All of our 38 named varieties are doing well and looking Fab. You will have to wait until the New Year 'Fuchsia Fest' to see them all. 

This is Devonshire Dumpling. We lost it last Winter but managed to replace it.

As a Devon Dumpling myself I love it

There tiz then my lovelies

Till next time. The tea pot will waiting for you.