Saturday, 31 August 2019

The Delargo Gardens -August

Here we are again me lovelies, August is over and so is the  restoration of 'Delargo Towers', the noble edifice has been shrouded in scaffolding for most of the month while extensive work has been carried out re-leading the roof and repointing the masonry on the turrets  and battlements 
( = replacing the guttering )

With every thing crammed into the top of the garden to make space for the rather dishy scaffolding boys and being away for our annual trip to Amsterdam nothing seems to have suffered to much. 
Our fab  Canterbury Bells has given a superb second flush. 

  Here we go then with a quick tour of the fully restored gardens here at 'Delargo Towers'

The 'Fuchsia Walk'

 Red and Yellow border.

 Torquay roundabout.

The main border with agastache seed heads

 and finally looking down to my sunny little nook by the kitchen window

Not to bad methinks all things considered. The salvias' are getting into there stride and the Verbena bonariensis are looking great, both are rather difficult to photograph however. I totally gave up on Salvia x jamensis “Nachtvlinder”

Salvia x guaranitica 'Amistad'

 Salvia guaranitica 'Blue Enigma'

 Salvia uliginosa (Bog Sage)

 Salvia patens “Patio Deep Blue”

Brand new this month salvia love and wishes.

We are both pleased with how the yellow and red border has developed the Tropaeolum peregrinum or canary creeper is just amazing this year

 Coreopsis grandiflora “Early Sunrise” and yes we did get behind with the dead heading.

 'New Guinea'  Impatiens

 Begonia × tuberhybrida “Sangria”

 Coreopsis grandiflora 'Sunfire'

 Again just starting to get in their swing Thunbergia alata 'African Sunset'

 and Ipomoea lobata (Spanish Flag)

I'm dead chuffed with how well me hollyhocks (grown from seeds taken from last years flowers)  have done.

 Begonia × tuberhybrida “Fragrant Angelique”

 We never seem to do well with penstemon I don't know why.

 We buy in bedding nicotiana which are lovely but don't smell so we sowed some described as fragrant but they are not. Hey Ho.

 last years cyclamen are starting into flower and should look good going into Autumn.

 So there tiz, 
till next time then me dears.