Friday, 30 July 2021

The Delargo Gardens - July

 Hello me dear, here we are - and late again.

Tiz been a busy month and this is a rather a mammoth post. I started with almost 300 photos to whittle down to a digestible amount. So without further ado come with me for a little troll around the extensive gardens here at 'Delargo Towers'.

We have had a terrible season for a lot of things. Our lilies had some nasty critter inside the buds eating their innards from inside out!  

 But thankfully we still have enough for a display and the scent is divine. Above is a tree lily called 'On Stage'

This is 'Star Gazer'

 And we still have 'Lilium speciosum rubrum' yet to flower and that has lots of buds.

Along with my birthday rose I also got two birthday Clematis. this is my fave, 'General Sikorski'

 I love 'Comtesse de Bouchard' too but it has not performed as well; maybe next year.

 Behind is Petunia Tumbelina 'Sophia' We avoid double flowers as they are not so good for the insects; this was a happy mistake and I will grow it again, it's fab.

Talking of fab, we love our Phlox. It was one small plant when we got it years ago and now (after division) it is three rather large plants

I love it so much and it is such a good doer that we have bought a sister plant to complement it: Phlox paniculata 'Blue Boy' 
Below is Lobelia x speciosa 'Fan Burgundy' which comes back every year bigger and better.

We also have a reclaimed joy with Scaevola ('fairy fan flower' how apt for us you might think) - we first grew it in 2nd incarnation of the gardens of Delargo Towers 6 years ago (we are now in the 3rd incarnation of the garden). We have not grown it since then so are well chuffed to have it back.

 Below is Brodiaea 'Queen Fabiola' - we have had these in pots for a few years now and I think they are running out of steam but still look lovely.

Above is Ipomoea × multifida the flowers are small but lovely and the leaf is lovely too

I cannot imagine a garden with out Black Eyed Susan, Thunbergia alata. This plant is also a good reason to use the Latin names. There are a great multitude of plants called Black Eyed Susan.
Now then me dear... Evening Primrose! Sowed it last year and it has done well. It is a fab plant but not for our garden. It was like an obnoxious gate crasher at a christening party!

Nicotiana sylvestris. No garden should be without this plant!

Above is Salvia Patens Patio Deep Blue still going strong.

And another plant we would never be without is 'Asarina scandens'

Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff'. We have had the most awful year for our Dahlias. they are very late and poor to flower.

This is our last remaining Bergamot Monarda - we just don't get enough sun for it. I do not think you will see one in this garden next year! 

Salvia 'Amistad' and our new (last year) - meant to be a deep dark blue 'Black Buddhist' Agapanthus! Don't worry, we got our money back and so now have a lovely pale blue Agapanthus for free.

Above is our main backbone of the late summer border 'Agastache'
This was a mistake and has proved to be a marvel, 'Nicotiana affinis'. it is just full of heavily scented flowers non-stop!

After a slow start the Ipomoea have kicked in.

A second flush on my Birthday rose

The old Regal Pelargonium 'Deli' survived another winter and is putting on a show.

Our red & hot border which we started a couple of years ago and is coming on nicely
Now me darlin, come with me. We are off for a quick tour of the grounds.

Looking down from the 'Top Field'

 My Wine Time corner is so full I can hardly get in - but hey, what do you want, space for plants or people? I say plants!

 My passage way has never been so full or smelt so lovely.

Well there tiz me darlin !

Most of the photos were taken mid month and things have gone a bit berserk since then.

I will leave you with an exclusive sneak preview of on the the new stars of our annual Fuchsia review which I post at the end of the year

New to us this year - 'Just Pat'.

There tiz then. Hope you pop back to see us in the garden next time...

till then