Sunday, 27 January 2019

The Delargo Gardens - January

Hear we are me dears at the end of January. Well into the new year and our second year in our new garden.

A mild month on the whole but even so we have had some frost ( -3 or -4 ) and a little snow too.

There is not a lot to show you but we do still have some flowers

 One bowl of dianthus super trouper sissy gave up and died but the other refuses to stop flowering

 'Hollies Beauty', 'Thalia' and a few of the other Fuchsias have kept on going sheltered in between the houses

 bella rosella

 Amistad which is not hardy has also refused to die down, -

 along with the amazing cobaea scandens

We also have the old Winter stalwarts  of course.

 Donna Delargo was given these cyclamen for free from our local garden centre. Half dead and mouldy a good dose of athletes foot powder sorted them out lovely. They have been in flower non stop since the Autumn.

 Staying with cyclamen but moving on to ' heralds of Spring'

 cyclamen coum, dug up and moved from the old garden.

and a very, very early auricula

 Miserable and damp it certainly has been.

 Our temporary pelargonium house seems to be giving the shelter needed to get our little collection through it all.

We have been able to sit out in the winter sun on a few days

 Outside the kitchen window -

and our back door we still have flowers and plants to enjoy while we start to  think about seed sowing.

 also from there we can keep an eye on our Spring bulbs -

while Doncaster Donny can keep an eye on us.

There tiz then me lovelies
We will see what Febuary has in store for us in me next post
So till then it is