Friday, 30 October 2020

The Delargo Gardens - October

Here we are then me darlins. 
We are well and truly into Autumn, The trees have turned, the clocks have gone back and we have had a Blue Moon to boot.
But we still have a few stars that have waited till now to take to the red carpet

 Our Cobaea scandens has waited till now to flower.
I had to climb a step Ladder to take the photo
We grew both it and nicotiana sylvestris from seed this Spring
They have taken a while but are a joy now when a lot of other things have gone over.
Our late Summer stalwarts are still doing us proud. All the Salvias are still very much in flower but not easy to photograph so you will have to make do with the amazing Amistad.

and Salvia Uliginosa
It has been a good year for Salvias and  marvelous year for our Dahlias.
They are still giving us a jolly show
We still have the odd Geranium
Over the last Summer I have mention the Ferns and Fuchsias.
They both have looked fab for so long it is easy to take them for granteded
But this season they come to the fore as others give up the ghost.
They are a true delight on a gloomy day
and variety
Just gorgeous.
Gosh! look at the time if we are quick we could catch one of the guided tours of the grounds, whichI lay on for the tourists. I would hate for you to miss anything or even worse get lost.

To Much walking ?
Then it's 'Wine Time' methinks.
Well there Tiz me lovelies. November rolls in and I think we will be seeing less of our old favorites and a few more of these and their friends.
Do pop back and see whats going on next month. 
Dress up warm and bring a brolly