Saturday, 27 February 2021

The Delargo Gardens - February

Here we are me darlins at the end of February and gosh what a month. 

Snow, ice and pots frozen for over a week. Now at the end of the month, sunshine and Mediterranean temperatures. I must admit, me dears, that I prefer the latter.

The lovely Mr. DeVice has already posted his Iris reticulata from his world-famous garden in  Norfolk.

Delargo Towers offers -

These old stalwarts

Our Cyclamen are rather late this year compared to previous years

but they are all flowering well now.

Mid month we saw the end of the Snowdrops but they were a great joy while they lasted

They have now been replaced by these little darlings

A quick tour of the rambling gardens here at 'Delargo Towers' soon shows that we are indeed betwixt and between Winter and Spring and a good clean up is a bit overdue.

I am often amiss at showing you our front garden.

the photo of these little gems was taken not long after our visit from 

the mini ' Beast from the East '

I stuck last years window box daffs in the ground under the window and they have thanked me for it.

Back to the real world. Our joyous Begonias were taken out of storage on 1st February. They were massive and now at the end of the month are well into growth.

The most wonderful Birthday present arrived all packaged up from David Austin Roses

'Gertrude Jekyll '

And this is her planted up. Thank you my beloved

Lots of work to do, cleaning and sorting. Planting new arrivals and above all, sowing seeds

 Luckily we have Doncaster Donny to look after things

Lots of work to do but with fair weather and a strong heart we will get there and enjoy the benefit when Summer finally arrives.