Sunday, 31 January 2021

The Delargo Gardens - January

 Here we me loves with the fist trip to The Gardens of Delargo Towers of 2021

We had the first snow of the winter this month and I rather hope it will be the last of it too.

As it is the new year I have made a list of resolutions that I know very well I shan't keep.

Our Cobaea has flowered right through the month, even during the snow. It has just about given up the ghost now as we slide into February.

Things are looking a little bleak in the main garden.

But everything is still alive

The herbaceous plants are stirring into life and my wine time corner catches what ever Winter sun there is

The big news is that our neighbors have finally replaced their rotten broken down fence which we are very pleased about. 

The back passage is looking lush with lots of bulbs and other goodies waiting in the wings.

We have eventually managed to get the Fuchsias to bed for their beauty sleep.

There still is some colour in the garden and it is very much needed, to boost our spirits.

Well that's it for this month me lovelies. We will wait to see what February has in store for us.


Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Divas, Icons and Gorgeousness # 3

 Hello me dears. Here I am again this time with a mid Month visit to Glamazonia and a taster of what has tickled my fancy on the World Wide Web of Wonderment.

My Aunties as portrayed by Monty Python.

Rudolf Nureyev and the lovely Anthony Dowell

People ask why I love Spain so much.

Lord Louis Mountbatten looking rather sweet in his dressing gown aboard Ship.

Jose Perez Ocana. I have no idea who he is but this is fab.

John Gielgud by Cecil Beaton

Joe Orton in Islington, 1967.

Ab Fab, Sweetie, Darling

Ivor Novello and possibly a little bit of make up?

Serena McKellen in 1970
David Bowie by Helmut Newton

Ah Bless him.

From an artistic set of photos of real Guardsmen in the 1970's by Basil Clavering

Every day life here at 'Delargo Towers'
Our garden boys disporting themselves in the flower beds
A traveling Cocktail Cabinet Ideal for pick nicks. 

Our cook

and our 'Upstairs Maid'
Well enough of our domestic life and back to Glamour Land.

Alain Delon seen from an interesting angle.

The much maligned  Sir Hardy Amies

Gosh ! Take That ! Yes please.

Glamour in it's purest form.


Is it to late to join ?

There we are me dears hope you found that jolly

And I hope to see you in the garden soon.

Till then it's ttfn.