Monday, 30 November 2020

The Delargo Gardens - November

 Here we are again me Dears. November is over, all the leaves have fallen and for the most part swept up and we await the winter to start in earnest.

We have actually had a very mild month and some of the Summer flowers refuse to give up

The dahlias are running out of steam but are still flowering
The fuchsias however just refuse to slow down and are bloomin-tastic.
I am planning an end of year Fuchsia fest so more of them later.
Salvias are keeping on keeping on too.
they just have not stopped.
I think they have been extra fab this year
I am sure they will carry on till we have a proper frost ( which won't be for ages yet, I hope )
Our Cobaea took ages to get going this year
But it is flowering like mad now.
My back passage is still rather lush.
The main garden  before its Autumnal tidy up
and after
Wine time corner
Now me loves, we don't venture up to the top field often but it is now the home for our old bench and it has a patch of soil where last years polyanthus and a host of bulbs just waiting to strut their stuff.
In the meantime our jolly Pelargoniums continue to give a splash of colour and with luck will continue to do so through the Winter
The true winter gems are coming on nicely
almost ready to take centre stage in December.
Subtle they are not !
But I don't care, In the months to come when it's dark damp and grim I Will Need Colour !

 Poster paint Blue, Pink and red ! In Winter and in Spring there is no such thing as a colour clash.

 I hope you have enjoyed your private tour of the Gardens of 'Delargo Towers'. We will have 'Rolls' waiting for you on your next visit. 

I would however like to ask that you refrain from tipping the staff in the interest of harmony on the estate

Till next time then me darlins.




Friday, 30 October 2020

The Delargo Gardens - October

Here we are then me darlins. 
We are well and truly into Autumn, The trees have turned, the clocks have gone back and we have had a Blue Moon to boot.
But we still have a few stars that have waited till now to take to the red carpet

 Our Cobaea scandens has waited till now to flower.
I had to climb a step Ladder to take the photo
We grew both it and nicotiana sylvestris from seed this Spring
They have taken a while but are a joy now when a lot of other things have gone over.
Our late Summer stalwarts are still doing us proud. All the Salvias are still very much in flower but not easy to photograph so you will have to make do with the amazing Amistad.

and Salvia Uliginosa
It has been a good year for Salvias and  marvelous year for our Dahlias.
They are still giving us a jolly show
We still have the odd Geranium
Over the last Summer I have mention the Ferns and Fuchsias.
They both have looked fab for so long it is easy to take them for granteded
But this season they come to the fore as others give up the ghost.
They are a true delight on a gloomy day
and variety
Just gorgeous.
Gosh! look at the time if we are quick we could catch one of the guided tours of the grounds, whichI lay on for the tourists. I would hate for you to miss anything or even worse get lost.

To Much walking ?
Then it's 'Wine Time' methinks.
Well there Tiz me lovelies. November rolls in and I think we will be seeing less of our old favorites and a few more of these and their friends.
Do pop back and see whats going on next month. 
Dress up warm and bring a brolly


Wednesday, 30 September 2020

The Delargo Gardens - September

  Here we are again me Darlins,

September is over and Summer is well and truly gone.


This is the month when The Salvias, Dahlias and Fuchsias really come into their own, the jewel like colours catch the Autumnal light and dominate the garden

Salvia Coccinea
Salvia 'Love and Wishes'
Salvia Uliginosa
Salvia Guaranitica 'Blue Enigma'
Salvia x jamensis “Nachtvlinder”
Salvia Guaranitica Amistad
Salvia patens "Deep Blue"
Dahlia "Bishop of Llandaff"
 Dahlia variabilis 'Bishop's Children'
Agastache rugosa, 'Liquorice Blue'

 Perovskia atriplicifolia “Blue Spire”

We have a few new 'Stars' who have waited till now to take to the stage

We love all Nicotiana - but few can rival Nicotiana sylvestris for sheer elegance and drama. The scent is divine too
New for us this year, Crocosmia × crocosmiiflora 'Emily McKenzie'. It was so small I never expected it to flower but it has and the colour is just amazing.
Maurandya scandens or "Snapdragon vine" was previously known as Asarina scandens, and it has also been categorized as Maurandella antirrhiniflora and Asarina antirrhiniflora. We still call it Asarina.

Despite the change in the season a few stalwarts have kept on blooming

 Lilium speciosum var. Rubrum
The Morning Glory Ipomoea tricolor “Kniola's Black” we planted out in the Spring is well over and gone but it has self sown and those seedlings are flowering !
Hemerocallis “Stella D'or” has managed to throw out a few more blooms
as have both our Osteospermum  this is 'Blue Eyed Beauty' which is quite a startling yellow
and this one which is now in the front garden and is huge was a cutting from a plant in Brighton
Another cutting, this time from our own plant last year, New Guinea impatiens. We love the colour and think this year we will try to over-Winter it in the kitchen
This is a self sown Lobelia. It has flowered from the Spring till now while all the others have long gone.
Our Black Eyed Susan Thunbergia alata has done so well this year and is still going.

Now if you are ready it is time for a quick tour of the gardens and grounds here at 'Delargo Towers'

Well that's about it me dears
The weather has been awful but we will try to enjoy what we have while we still have it .

We are already planting out pansies, polyanthus and violas to brighten the dreary months to come and have planted all manner of bulbs to usher in the Spring.

Till next time then me lovelies

I will pop the kettle on when I see you coming