Tuesday, 31 January 2023

The Delargo Gardens - January

 Here we are then me lovelies. Its the beginning of a new year but not the gardening year for us. The Gardens of Delargo Towers have never looked so barren. This winter was worse for us the the Beast from the East back in the February of 2018. It might not have lasted so long but this year we went down to minus 8'c and we are expecting some major losses. Hey Ho! roll on Spring.

 Even so everything has its season and now is the time for our Sarcococca hookeriana var. digyna “Purple Stem”. It is doing well, is full of flower and smells lovely.

We have colour but not anywhere near as much as in previous years, just the plucky Polyanthus

and the brave Violas.

And that is it for the Garden Highlights me dears so tiz time to climb up into the Land-Rover and begin the grand tour of the rather dour Delargo Estate.

Things are slowly starting to move at last and the Cyclamen Coum should be looking jolly for February.

We do however have a secret bit of exotica sheltering in the front parlour. 


Our Cymbidium Orchid. It is quite old now but this year has given us two flower stems with about 40 blooms between them. How fab is that.


and of course if all else fails you can always cheat!

 There tiz then me beauties I hope there will be a bit more to show you next month but till then;

It's Ttfn from me.

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Toodle-Loo and Pip pip.

Wednesday, 25 January 2023

The Gardens of 'Delargo Towers' - a year on one page 2022

Here we are again me dears with another end of year special

There is not much to see in the garden at the moment so it's a good time to look back and see the four seasons of 2022 month by month, Here at Delargo Towers.















There tiz me lovelies 2022 in a nut shell

It's been a harsh winter and bleak Winter and it will be interesting to see what has survived and what has not. 

Roll on Spring and get the Seed Catalogues out



Thursday, 12 January 2023

Delargo Towers Fuchsia Fest 2022

Hello me dear. Here we are 2023 and 202 is over and tiz time for the Delargo Towers annual Fuchsia Review.

Fuchsias always look fab and do so for such a long time, it is easy to take them a bit for granted. They often don't make it onto the blog as I try to show what is newly in flower each month through the seasons. They can be in flower from Spring to Autumn.

To make up for this every year we hold a 'Fuchsia Fest' here at 'Delargo Towers' to showcase our collection. This year we have a grand tally of  48 named varieties. We will look at each Fuchsia in the collection in alphabetical order.

There are a lot to get through so with out any further ado, I declare the 'Delargo Towers Fuchsia Fest 2022'  well and truly open!

 Abbe Farges

Alison Patricia
Arno Van Bree
Bella Mariska
Bella Rosella
Blue Pearl
Blue Waves

Border Queen

Border Raider
Celia Smedley
CJ Howlett
Dark Eyes
Deep Purple
Devonshire Dumpling
Ed Lagarde
Edie Lester
Elfriede Ott
Hazel Elizabeth
Holly's Beauty
Hot Coals
Just Pat
Katrina Thompsen
Lady Boothby
Lady Isobel Barnett
Louise Nicholls
Pink Fantasia
Pink Rain
Preston Guild
Queen Mary
Rose of Castile
Royal Velvet
Sophisticated Lady
Viva Ireland
Walz Jubelteen

There tiz then me lovelies.
 2022 in a nutshell. It was a challenging year for our Fuchsias - Too wet, too dry, too hot and too cold in turn but the Fuchsias just got on with it and did their own thing anyway.

There is just time to remember absent friends, that is the Fuchsias that are no longer with us

Bella Lydia

and the much loved 'Foolke', which hopefuly will be replaced in the Spring.

Hope you enjoyed the Fuchsias and your visit to the VIP hospitality tent me lovely.

and hope to see you back in the garden proper at the end of January.

Roll on Spring 2023!