Monday, 25 February 2019

The Delargo Gardens - February

Hello again me lovelies
We started February as one would expect with snow ice and bitter winds but we are ending it with way above average temperatures and a feeling of Spring in the air.

All very lovely but not typical of our garden this month.
We will be seeing more of them in the next post I'm sure.
Our 'star' for February has to be Cyclamen coum

Our primulas have been fab this Winter, the pansys ok and the violas rather disappointing.

We have made a start on tidying and clearing ready for the Spring to start properly

We are hoping to add to our fernery this year

There are rather a lot of planters waiting to be tarted up.

ready to be moved into the best positions to show the plants off.

It is rather like a gardening version of the game 'Tetris'

We are looking forward to seeing what the rest of our bulbs do in march.

and the first of this years seedlings ( hollyhocks ) are already up.

So there tiz then me dears. 

Roll On Spring I say !