Wednesday, 31 March 2021

The Delargo Gardens - March

 Here we are me Darlins, March is over, the clocks have gone forward and Spring Has Sprung.

The 1st of the month was St Davis's Day so we kick off with the Daffs.

As you know me Dears, every thing here is pots so this year we decided only to grow Tête á Tête'

 Our crocus were fab but are over now

But we have some other Spring bulbs to carry on their good work. 'Ipheion uniflorum'


 This is a lovely early little Tulip with a big flower -  'Giuseppe Verdi'

Now my lovelies, I wish you could smell the Hyacinths they are divine.

Anemone De Caen is a scruffy plant but the flowers are so jolly

The Primulas have been giving us colour all winter are still going strong;

As are the pansies and Violas

The Cyclamen are still going too

The people carrier has arrived so let's jump on it for a tour of the extensive grounds here at 'Delargo Towers'

Last years bulbs did well up in the 'Top Field'

We have almost finished repotting the big pots

Once we have done that we can play 'Tetris' with them to find the best positions for them.

My Sunny 'wine time' spot

The majority of the Fuchsias have started into growth and we haven't given up on the others yet

 The back passage is full of Colour

as is the front.

More bulb refugees from last year

This Cherry Tree in our street it's looking amazing so we took a snap of it

Now me dears, do you remember the Begonia tubers I showed you in the last post, all shrivelled and dead looking. Well this is them now

The Dahlias are romping away too.

Just in flower in the last few days of the month we have the return of our jolly Anemone blanda.

And the first flowers on the main crop Tulips. There are 24 jammed into that pot !

This little chap has decided to move in and live in the Hyacinth

Well there tiz me lovelies a tad late but there has been a lot to do in the garden, including sitting the sun with a glass of wine and some easy listening music.

Till next time It's -



  1. The best time of the year I dare say. I really do love daffodils and hyacinths this time of year. I told Jon, I currently have many snipped hyacinths all over the house...the smell is so heavenly.

    Anemone De Caen is also a favorite. The stems and leaves are odd, just like another favorite of mine, ranunculus, my favorite ...and both yield such lovely flowers. They both also come in a variety of colors.

    Also what an improvement to see the new fence. You couldn't tell much with the growth in front last summer.


    1. Hello Dear, lovely to see you in the garden.
      We obviously share very similar gardening tastes. I love ranunculus too. We don't grow them but perhaps we should.
      As you noticed our neighbours have finally got around to fixing their fence and we are very pleased about that, it does look much better doesn't it.

  2. Lovely. This is the best (and busiest) time of year in the extensive gardens - the first beautiful blooms scenting the air, and the hard work getting everything into tip-top condition for the delights to come! It's going to repay us this summer, of that I have no doubt... Jx


    1. I have no doubt that garden will repay us this Summer. It is a good job that we got so much done in the Sunshine, it looks like April is going to be rather cold.

  3. Spring certainly has sprung! Those blue pansies and the Chionodoxa are gorgeous! It's very decent of you to open your gardens to the public - although, the unnervingly pale chap by the Hyacinths doesnt seem to be wearing a mask...

    P.S. What's that big, feathery-leaved plant in your Wine Time corner?

    1. Hello me lovely.
      It has been noted that our visitor is not wearing a mask. He told us that Crab Spiders were exempt but that not cutting any mustard with Donny the Doncaster Gnome who is crocheting a little mask for him as I type.
      You do have eagle eyes Mr. D. big, feathery-leaved plant you ask about is in fact one of our pride and joys here at 'Delargo Towers'
      It is Geranium maderense, known as giant herb-Robert and is native to the island of Madeira. not to be confused with another Madeira endemic, Geranium palmatum
      We have been growing it for a few years now and this year it has decided to flower. After flowering it will probably die but the flowers should be amazing - large panicles of purplish-pink flowers 4cm across, with darker centres

    2. Ah, a Geranium - I should have guessed by the leaves. Actually, I have a feeling that I might have asked Jon what it was a year or two ago, as it does sound very familiar. I obviously forgot what it was between then and now.
      It looks very exotic even sans flowers!

    3. Ha ha and after the flowers there will be seeds.
      More 'Monsters' for you !

  4. Yes - that's the great thing about having the plants in pots - you can play Tetris with them, and show off the blooms where you wish.
    Looking lovely, Madame A - and so is your garden.


    1. Thank You Ms Scarlet you do say the sweetest things.
      So kind of you to pop into the garden to see us.
      We do miss having real borders with real soil but are grateful to have a garden at all. Tetris is the bonus and played well can achieve splendid results

  5. May I just say how much we admire your back passage. It certainly looks very colourful. The new fence is a great improvement too :-). Hugs, Hils & History Boy xx

    1. Thank you dear, my back passage is well known in the area and visited by many.
      The garden is off to a good start lets see what goodies we have in store for April

  6. After the time and season I've had, this is a much welcomed post for my Easter Day. I love it all...we are just blooming with all these just this week here too. In about another week, all the flowering trees will explode...the Dogwoods, weeping cherries, cherry blossoms, crabapples, magnolias are my favorite.


    1. Hello me Dear, Lovely to see you in the garden.
      There is so much much to enjoy and look forward to at the moment, in our gardens, in other peoples and in the parks.
      Magnolias are one of faves but sadly we will not be able to get to RHS Kew to enjoy them at their best.