Sunday, 31 January 2021

The Delargo Gardens - January

 Here we me loves with the fist trip to The Gardens of Delargo Towers of 2021

We had the first snow of the winter this month and I rather hope it will be the last of it too.

As it is the new year I have made a list of resolutions that I know very well I shan't keep.

Our Cobaea has flowered right through the month, even during the snow. It has just about given up the ghost now as we slide into February.

Things are looking a little bleak in the main garden.

But everything is still alive

The herbaceous plants are stirring into life and my wine time corner catches what ever Winter sun there is

The big news is that our neighbors have finally replaced their rotten broken down fence which we are very pleased about. 

The back passage is looking lush with lots of bulbs and other goodies waiting in the wings.

We have eventually managed to get the Fuchsias to bed for their beauty sleep.

There still is some colour in the garden and it is very much needed, to boost our spirits.

Well that's it for this month me lovelies. We will wait to see what February has in store for us.



  1. We're on the cusp of Spring - it's all uphill from here! Jx


    1. Herbaceous is starting into growth and the bulbs are ready for the off. February is the cruelest month once it is over; let the party commence !

  2. Ah, yes, the gardening resolutions. Every year is an epic fail where they're concerned so I don't bother anymore (if I did, I would have already broken the "I am not going to buy a plant if I don't have a place to put it" and the "I will not order more seeds than I have space to plant" - although, in that case it's bulbs/corms/tubers).

    P.S. That little viola near the end is just lovely!


    1. We have ordered seeds including Ricinus communis or castor oil plant. They are massive and I don't have room for it. We have also ordered an rose from David Austin ( yes I know he is dead so his company )and we will have two clematis arriving in the Spring! We do not have space for any of them BUT I WANT !

  3. I resolve to keep on top of the nettles and brambles. I probably won’t, they are too fast for me, but I have good intentions.
    You are so lucky to have some colour - little chance of that in my garden.


    1. Resolutions are made to be broken !
      To be honest Ms Scarlet and as you can see from the main photos we don't have much in full colour at the moment but what we do have is treasured.

  4. I gave up on keeping any Resolutions.


    1. I find the joy in making them
      and then breaking them !
      But then I am rather perverse.

  5. Darling Madam Arcati,

    Rather like Alice in Wonderland, we seem to have fallen down a rabbit hole in Blogland and stumbled into the delights of Delores Delargo Towers.

    We see that you keep the very good company of Ms Scrlet and other blog chums and are delighted to have found you. It is many moons ago that we enjoyed our gardening days in Herefordshire. Now we have not even a window box or a single pot plant, so it is fun to see how your garden grows without the need for weeding on our part.

    Your garden looks all set for Spring. And, we love your plans and ideas for the coming seasons. Do not hold back... more is more and even more is even better. Resolutions were made to be broken. Love the Cyclamen...

    1. How lovely to be able to welcome new friends into our garden. Friends of our friends are especially welcome.
      Gosh what a whirlwind of a life you must lead. 'Delargo Towers', despite its heritage and our lineage is a rather small garden. I hope you will find enough of interest to return.
      I love Hertfordshire and it's rolling country side, you must miss your garden terribly. Please pop into ours at any time.
      Every thing is on hold here till Spring actually springs forth but everything is a stiring.
      Hope to see next month.
      Till then

  6. It's amazing to see the primrose was it....still in bloom. It wouldn't stand a chance here with our winter temps. The pansies and crocus will be out first two blooming delights followed by snowdrops....but we have till mid March too see that.


    1. Hello dear, lovely to see you in the garden even if it is a little bleak.
      The primroses are last years Polyanthus we stuck them into the 'top field' along with Snowdrops, Hyacinths and Bluebells. Being pale yellow they do look like primroses but will flower all through the Winter ( if the slugs don't eat all the flowers that is ).
      We hope to have more colour for February to keep us going till March when things should kick off in earnest