Monday, 29 April 2019

The Delargo Gardens - April

Here we are me lovelies at the end of April. We have had a little bit of every thing weather wise this month from gale force winds, hail  and baking sunshine. Some chilly nights but no frosts thank heavens.

The daffs have given way to the wallflowers

Our only tulips this year 'Gavotta' has looked rather splendid all this month

and the gorgeous Ipheion 'Jessie' too

The garden itself is slowly coming together with a lot of effort ( mainly from Jon)

The difference between the beginning of the month and now is amazing

Ipomoea tricolor 'Kniola's Black' . Ipomoea multifida and Ipomoea(Mina) lobata

Monty Don said to cut off all the old fronds of deciduous ferns so we did and it is now looking fresh and fab.

 Thank you Jon

His rose  'Veilchenblau' ( a cutting taken 3 years ago ) is looking good and has loads of flower buds full of promise

as are our begonias both old and new

 there are a few newbies this month along with the seedling and old favourites waking up from there Winter sleep. 

By the way me darlins I have now finished repairing the all the garden posts all the way back to 2013
It was actually quite interesting and is a useful archive of what was what through the all three incarnations of the 'Delargo Towers garden'



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Ms Scarlet for taking the time to have a look.

  2. Thank you Madam Arcati!!! Stunning. I love your courtyard. I love to have every square inch surrounded by blooms and green. You guys must treasure sitting a spell out there. We too are in full bloom here. Mst of our flowering trees are now done as are bulb flowers, but our Iris are the next to bloom and are coming up now. My garden right now is filled to the brim with Lily of the Vallies...I got several vase filled through the house. Ferns. I love. It's cool to watch them uncoil when they open. Brava!!!! Brava!!!

    1. I should be thanking you for your kind and encouraging words. The square pot on the table in the last photo is Lily of the Valley. Yours must be a great joy, I can only imagine the smell.

  3. Every thing changes so quickly this time of year. Some Things finish and some come into their own and all through we have the promise of the Summer to come.

  4. Despite the on-off weather, all the efforts we put in are once again paying dividends... Jx

    1. Indeed so, roll on Summer so we can enjoy it.

  5. Looking fabulous as always. I look forward to spending some time there with you, and a small glass of something. Hugs, Hils xx

    1. How kind of you.
      The May garden post is under construction as we speak and You are both always welcome to share in a small sweet sherry and a slice of seed cake with us any afternoon.