Monday, 13 May 2019

Madam Arcati is now Fully Restored & Functioning

Hello me dears,  As you know most of the photos on my previous blog were hosted through Photobucket; as of July 5, 2017 they changed their terms of service without any warning and destroyed my and thousands of other peoples blogs.

It has taken me a while but I am pleased to announce that 'The random jottings of Madam Arcati' is now fully restored and functioning in it's entirety from March 2011 until today 13th May 2019.

The evil Rupert Murdoch and his cronies are vanquished (well on this blog any way) and I am free of them

'The random jottings of Madam Arcati' blog is now an archive.

It, together with this blog, now has a month by month record of the Gardens of 'Delargo Towers' all the way back to 2011.
It has been an interesting exercise and I have enjoyed looking back on my past rather random wanderings.
I can heartily recommend that you have a look too.

Till next time then my lovelies



  1. Blimey that must have taken some time?! Worth doing though.

    1. It did indeed. I usually only post twice a month but even so it took a while am pleased with the results though.

  2. Well done!

    Now, on with the garden :-)


  3. Thanks dear
    The May garden post is under construction as we speak.