Tuesday, 30 November 2021

The Delargo Gardens - November


Here we are then me dears. We have already had overnight temperatures of  -3'c but luckily nothing like the storms and snow of Scotland and the North.

Despite all of that we still have some colour in the garden. Last years Primulas are back in flower and spreading a bit of joy.

 The first of our three Cyclamen is back in flower too;

and with a bit of luck the plucky Pelargoniums will keep going into the Winter and beyond.

I love this Lilac / Lavender colour.

 All the salvias are still flowering but with all of the cold weather we have been having I am not sure for how much longer.

I imagine this month will be the last we see the Cobaea in flower.

 Geranium Rozanne seems to have no intention to stop flowering (ever).

 Ok me lovelies, grab your woolly hat and gloves it's all aboard the sky lark for a quick tour of the grounds

 There tiz me dears, short and sweet this month. I shall leave you with a sneak peek at the up and coming Fuchsia Fest - this is the lovely  'Elfriede Ott'

and finally a look at the wallflowers who will sit here all winter and patiently wait till the Spring. That is if the Foxes don't dig them all up again

So there we have it me Darlins, wrap up and keep warm till the next time I see you in the garden,  and it's;



  1. I am so jealous you still have color! Our garden is now all but put to bed for hibernation...with only the pines blooming cones and the autumnal cabbages, and even they are getting a toll taking on them. Our garden much look like your last couple pictures, only more brown. So on this dark, grey day here I loved seeing your colors.

    1. We love our salvias and they are providing the bulk of the colour at the moment. They along with the fuchsias are joyous now when almost every thing is looking sad.
      PS I find cabbages very attractive and ornamental.

  2. It's amazing when one looks closely how much colour there still is about, in dribs and drabs, admittedly... Jx

    PS Roll on Spring!

    1. Roll on Spring indeed but I think we should a few pretties along the way to jolly us along.

  3. No colour left here! All mud and stripped sticks. Nice to see some blooms in your garden.
    Yep, looking forward to Spring already.

    1. Oh yes, Ms Scarlet, Roll on Spring!
      Once the Salvias finish we will only have a little colour too. A few polyanthus, Pansies and Cyclamen on a windowsill can work wonders through the dark months ahead.

  4. You were on time, and I am late - I'm glad I made it, as it's lovely to see some "dribs and drabs" of colour about. And look how tall your Communis ricinus got!

    I had a couple of foxgloves flowering (rather insipidly) to the start of December, and one or two fuchsias are still giving things a go, but aside from some violas, cyclamen, and jasmine, everything else is looking bare and brown.

    1. Oh my dear darling dear.
      Lovely to hear from you but I am all of a muddle with my blogger thingy at the moment. Somehow I have created two blogger accounts and they are now at war with each other.
      The Ferns are keeping us green at the moment and we have moved them to show them off. but yes basically we are drab and rely on a few hits of colour to get us through.
      Luckily Jon is very clever and has sorted out my blogger problem as I have typed this.
      I now look forward to catching up with your Garden Festival.