Thursday, 17 September 2020

Divas, Icons and Gorgeousness #2

 Hello me dears, here we are with another mid garden post, highlighting what has ticked my fancy this month on the World wide web of wonder

Elizabeth Taylor in 1967
Not hers this time but it's still a lovely Diamond and Sapphire Ring by Garrard
From Merchant-Ivory’s gorgeous film of E.M. Forster’s novel Maurice
Anna May Wong in Großstadtschmetterling, 1929.
Alan Cumming in 'Cabaret'
Who new they were friends; Betty Hutton, Sophie Tucker and Tallulah Bankhead.
Maggie Smith in  Travels with My Aunt 1972
One of my fave films of all time,
 the original and best version of - La cage aux folles (1978)
Sir Ian McKellen or Serena to his friends
Sir Ian being mistaken for a homeless man during a rehearsal break 
- Waiting for Godot
The Diva of all Divas, Callas
Quentin Crisp & Sir John Hurt CBE
H R H. The Queen herself.
Norma Shearer.
The 'Master'. Noel Coward by Edward Steichen, 1932.
Whoa, Liza,
See the coster barrows,
The vegetables and the fruit piled high,
Oh, Liza,
Little London sparrows,
Covent Garden Market where the costers cry.
Divine decadence
Betty Blythe in Chu Chin Chow  1925
 Weimar cinema
Dame Margaret Rutherford (1892-1972)
Peter Ustinov, Maggie Smith, and David Niven, on the set of Death on the Nile (1978)
The adorable, Michael York aged 25 by Pat McCallum, 1967
Dame Edith Sitwell
'Suit you Sir'
Barbara Hutton - Countess Kurt Haugwitz-Reventlow 1937
The Bad Boys of British Theatre - Richardson, Olivier, and Guinness.
Not - Richardson, Olivier, and Guinness but the Heterosexual artist Rupert Bunny with friends.
Queen of the high Cs - Yma Sumac
Anthony Perkins looking very sweet in the1950s
Errol Flynn. One wonders if the stories were true !
Über Cool -  Gary Numan, 1980
Sal Mineo, waiting for a bus to the bath house? The Bronx, 1955.

Here he is a the bath house ! Oh my Golly Gosh ! 


There tiz then me darlins. Hope you found that fun

and I hope I will see you in the garden soon. Till it's 



  1. Just three words, daaaaahling - FAB! U! LOUS!

    I want Betty Blythe's headdress...

    ...and Michael York, Sal Mineo and Rupert Graves. Have them wrapped and sent to my room.


    1. I am sorry dear but there is a queue on all of the above.

  2. I did indeed find this fun! And I’m now inspired to rifle through my dressing up box. Fabulous, thank you!

    1. So pleased you found it fun Ms Scarlet.
      We too enjoy delving into our dressing up box / wardrobes at every excuse or occasion possible.

  3. I must say, at first glance, I thought that Betty Hutton, Sophie Tucker and Tallulah Bankhead photo was Pat from Eastenders on a night out! I'm sorry Sophie Tucker...

    And, yes, isn't 1950s Anthony Perkins adorable!

    Now, I must go as I feel the need watch La Cage Aux Folles again (it's one of my favourites, too).

    1. Ha ha. I think Sophie Tucker and Pat from Eastenders would be a match for each other.
      Betty Hutton could through on some mud so that they could wrestle it out, With Tallulah Bankhead as referee !