Wednesday, 31 July 2019

The Delargo Gardens - July

Here we are again me dears, late as usual.
July can be a difficult month as the early Summer flowers go over and the late Summer ones have yet to kick in but I think our little back yard has done OK:

As you know we love our cottage type borders with shades of pink and blue but we also love red and yellow too. this year we have decided to separate them on either side of the path and it seems to work.

We have a new Coreopsis grandiflora 'Sunfire' which fits the bill perfectly

 Our giant Begonia “Sangria” does too

Coreopsis grandiflora “Early Sunrise”

 We are over the moon with our new Hemerocallis 'Crimson Pirate'

 I never thought the two old left over seeds of Canary Creeper 'Tropaeolum peregrinum' would come to much but they have, and look good with Verbena bonariensis

 Ipomoea multifida - red

Monarda didyma 'Red Colours' has done well this year and is popping it head up all over the place which is a delight.

New this year and totally unexpected as they came up in a tray of Virginia Stock seedlings looking like a weed was this. It turned out to be Elegant Clarkia (Clarkia unguiculata); an absolute joy:

Also new and great fun is the Eucomis autumnalis ‘White Dwarf’:

New Guinea impatiens:

Last winter we bought a pack of two tubers of Begonia oderata 'Angelique'
You would think they would be the same -

But no! they are very different but that is OK; we like both, and yes - they do have a faint but rather nice fragrance.

Last year we planted a single flowered black hollyhock; it came up a double white. We saved and sowed its seeds. I am rather chuffed that they have all flowered in the first year:

All of last years lilies rotted away, so we bought another 'tree' lily 'On Stage':

...and lilium 'Stargazer'. Both have the most amazing scent. They really do blow your socks off.

This month also saw the return of some old friends,
Brodiaea laxa “Queen Fabiola:

Lobelia “Fan Burgundy”:

Never to be without - Asarina (Maurandya) scandens:

Last Summer we found some Agastache seedlings that had smuggled themselves in from the old garden. They are looking good now, and the bees love 'em:

Phlox paniculata:

Salvia 'Amistad' has kicked off nice and early this year:

It should look fab next month.

We saved the seeds from Ipomoea tricolor (Morning Glory) “Kniola's Black” last year and planted them all over the place this...

...including in "the fernery" as usual.

So there 'tiz, me lovelies!

At present 'Delargo Towers' is completely covered by scaffolding while undergoing restoration. 
So my next post might a bit different than the norm.
Do pop in and have a look but till then it's...



  1. If a garden's worth doing it's worth "over-doing", in my opinion! Looking forward to the scaffolding coming down and a chance to enjoy an "Indian Summer" (fingers crossed). Jx

    1. We could all do with an Indian Summer and now that the scaffolding has finally come down we can get on with the job of restoring the garden to what it should look like.

  2. We do deserve an Indian Summer, Jon!
    Meanwhile, your Lilies are gorgeous [the whole garden is gorgeous, but I love Lilies]!

    1. I can not imagine a Summer with out lilies. We only had two types this year but the scent was divine.

  3. P.S Is that a spider plant in the bottom picture? Can I put my spider plant outside?

    1. We do every Summer and then bring them in for winter. Last year we had one that was just to big to bring in so we left it out. It survived the frosts but looked very scruffy, looks fine now though.

  4. Oh, that's interesting, I might try it with my spider plant.

    1. Why not, house plants like a Summer Holiday too.
      The great thing with spider plants is that they are always producing babies so just pot some up this year and you will have lots to plant out next year. ttfn