Sunday, 30 June 2019

The Delargo Gardens - June

Here we are at last me lovelies with the June update for the garden and yes, it is very very late

Well what a rotten month it was for the weather ! June did not burst out all over it just sat in the corner and sulked. The Met office said "June got off to a false start, the month has been cool and rather wet.Temperatures across the UK were widely below average and some places recorded almost two month’s worth of rain in one day."

That said, June is the month for roses and here at Delargo Towers we are rather proud of ours ( Jon grew it from a cutting, )  'Rosa 'Veilchenblau'

The 'pot' borders are filling up nicely as they should, if a tad behind.

 Our Campanula pyramidalis looked good last year but has gone into overdrive this month.

Zooming in as it were there are a few stars and a few jollies.

 Just to prove me jasmine did eventually flower

 Scabiosa columbaria and Geranium pratense “Purple Haze”

 Geranium × oxonianum 'Wargrave Pink'

  Aquilegia chrysantha “Yellow Queen”

 our fabulous dahlia seedling

 and a bought in this year as a dried out tuber  Dahlia top mix red

Now me dears, we all hate begonias'  but I love this Begonia Odorata Angelique  and our lovely orange one from last year. They are just great show offs

 Scilla peruviana (Portuguese Squill)

 Brodiaea Queen Fabiola

 I sowed some virginian stocks and a few of these came up . we grew them on to find out what it was.
It is an Elegant clarkia and we love it

 the fab Lilium martagon 'Arabian Night' has done us proud this year

We are so pleased with how the fernery is coming on.

 Now it does have to be said me dears that we have rather neglected the front garden, there is not much soil, light nor space but we are trying to make amends this year

 Hollyhocks, Osteospermum, foxgloves to flower next year and of course window boxes

 Nature is wonderful and has been kind to us. We knew she had given us a lovely Pseudofumaria (corydalis) lutea on our door step.

 But when we looked between our bins we discovered this !

 A wild orchid  !

what a joy

So till next time me darlins



  1. You are right: nature is wonderful, but in our case we give it a major helping hand - and look at the rewards! Weather-wise, June was disappointing, but the plants seem to have shrugged it off. Jx

    1. Indeed, cold & wet but our little garden stood up to it and still looked lovely.

  2. You've got the yellow corydalis! And an orchid. Lucky ducks.

    1. Ha Ha, We felt like ducks most of June which I think they are now saying was the wettest on record with 8'' of rain.
      We love the yellow corydalis and have been lucky enough to have had one in all three incarnations of the Delargo Gardens.

  3. From a cutting Madame Arcati?!?!?! That boy has the greenness thumb I ever did see!!!! Everything is so inspiring and I love lots of colors. Dahlias of all colors are one of my favorites. But I like flowers of all kinds...Im hard pressed to pick just one. Well, a crown jewel of a garden...brava.

    1. Thank you Mistress,
      Dolores Delargo will be dead chuffed you you are impressed with his rose propagation.
      We do cram in as much as we can into our back yard and try to get as much interest and colour as we can, July is looking even more fab and I should be posting it in a week or so.