Thursday, 29 November 2018

The Delargo Gardens - November

Here we are me lovelies with the November garden.
The month began relatively cold but dry and fine. By the middle of the month It got colder with easterly winds and rain (we went down to -1'c). 
We won't be seeing our lovely Dahlia again till next year

 Most other things are still doing surprisingly well. The UK mean temperature for November is 7.3 °C, which is 1.1 °C above the long-term average and we had slightly above average sunshine hours too so we cant complain too much. 

Dianthus, “Super Trouper Sissy” 

 Mimulus and even snap dragons are all still flowering away.

 as is the Asarina (Maurandya) scandens.

 an unexpected joy this month was the Gladiolus murielae ( formerly Acidanthera ) which had stowed it self away when we moved gardens. 
We didn't know we still had it.

 Salvia Amistad is still looking magnificent

 and refuses to stop flowering.

 Looking up the garden


 and towards our kitchen window

 This Summer was too hot for the Fuchsias and they didn't give us much of a display 
but as from last month they are doing their best to make up for it.

 Bella Mariska
Devonshire Dumpling

 This is 'Hazel Elizabeth' which we have trained into a half standard. 
It is not show quality but I am more than a little chuffed.

 Elfriede Ott
 Viva Ireland
Thalia & finally Winston Churchill

the Pelargoniums are hanging on and still giving us flower

 But not for much longer me thinks.

 We hope to get them all, through the winter,
especially the 'regals'

 It is usually the combination of cold and wet that does the damage.

 So we have put up the old plastic green house to at least keep them ( and us ) dry

 With a bit of a false start to winter we have been able to enjoy the last of the summer flowers

 While the flowers of Winter proper are starting to do their stuff

We will see what December has in stall for us, next time

So till then me darlins 



  1. Ah, yes - the great "handover season"; when primulas and fuchsias, violas and salvias flower side-by-side... Lovely. Jx

  2. Indeed and I think we have done wonders in just one growing season.