Saturday, 19 December 2020

Delargo Towers Fuchsia Fest 2021

 Hello me dears. Here we are then, in the not so bleak Mid Winter.

Our fuchsia are still flowering and have been since May. Because they are always there and always looking fab for so long it is easy to take them a bit for granted. They often don't make it onto the blog as I try to show what has newly come into its season.

To make up for this every year we hold a 'Fuchsia Fest' here at 'Delargo Towers' to showcase our collection of 31 named varieties. No new ones this year due to lockdown I am sorry to say.

So with out any further ado, I declare the 'Delargo Towers Fuchsia Fest 2021'  open!

Abbe Farges

This a darling small flowered Fuchsia, which we have trained ( somewhat badly ) as a half standard.

Alison Patricia

A sweet small flowered Fuchsia. It flowers well but is very slow growing. It is a quarter standard.

Bella Lydia

One of the Bella series all of which are well worth growing. Small, compact and early flowering.

Bella Mariska

Masses of blooms and one of the earliest to flower.

Bella Rosella

This one is a showstopper, one Southern Belles series. It has biggest of all fuchsia flowers

Bella Sophia

Another sweet little flower from the Bella series. It's growth is more lax than the others

Blue Waves

Rich lush and the sepals are 'Neyron rose' !


This is a fabulous Fuchsia and I can't tell you how much flower it has produced, simply tons.

Border Queen

We like this one but it is not a good doer and if anything happened to it I doubt if it would be replaced.


The colours are lovely ( Cream Flushed Pink & Pale Lavender ) but it is the shape of the corolla which makes this one a joy. When its fully open it's like a Ball Gown.


Lovely colour combinations in this one, classified as pinkish green and magenta

CJ Howlett

Upright hardy and strong.

 Deep Purple

Another showy bloom from the Southern Belles series it is naturally lax in habit but we are trying to grow one as half standard anyway.

Devonshire Dumpling

As I come from Devon I had to grow this one and I love it. It has large pink flowers and the buds are completely round like dumplings

 Elfriede Ott

This Triphylla type Fuchsia is a stunner. It contrasts with the others both in shape and colour.


A little gem and such a deep colour. Upright and shrubby.

Hazel Elizabeth

We like to have fuchsias whose names remind us of family and friends. This one is spot on and is rather jolly too, with semi upright flowers.

Holly's Beauty

I adore this Fuchsia. White, tipped with pink and light lavender.


This one could have flowered a bit better than it did this year, but a lush bloom nonetheless.

Katrina Thompsen

The palest of pink flowers

Lady Boothby

I am very fond of this old variety. It is now being marketed as the first climbing Fuchsia

Lady Isobel Barnett

This was the first fuchsia I ever fell in love with and I still love it: pink and mauve upward facing flowers.

Louise Nicholls

Truly elegant upright, pink self. One to think of training for a standard methinks .

Pink Rain

Not many trailing Fuchsia are actually trailing. They tend just to be lax in habit. This is a trailer and flowers like mad.


The Southern Belles series again with large double flowers, white sepals and a lilac-blue corolla


This was new for us last year and we are over the moon with it. It's flowers face, upwards which is fab.

Rose of Castile

A good strong and attractive plant but I can't get excited about it.

Royal Velvet

Another stunner, masses of large double flowers, the tube and sepals crimson red and the corolla is is a deep purple, splashed with crimson.


Now this is a Fuchsia no garden should be with out. Exotic looking rich orange scarlet flowers set off by purple veined, bronzed foliage.

Viva Ireland

Soft pink and violet trailing flowers with extra long elegant sepals.

 Last but in no way least is our extraordinary;

Walz Jubelteen

We do like upward facing flowers, this one has the most upright of them all and in abundance too. It is not just about the flower here, everything works together to make this a fab plant. foliage, vigour shape and it flowers non stop too. A joy !

There we are then me lovelies, that is all 31 of our babies. We hope to have some new arrivals in 2021.

2020 has been a very good year for Fuchsias. Some of them are still in flower now and we are still waiting for them to drop their leaves so we can make them all clean and tidy and ready to go to sleep till the Spring.


See you soon


  1. Such beauty from just one family of plants - and who knows? With a fair wind and a couple of vaccinations, we may be able to venture out to Essex again and acquire some new ones! Jx

    1. We are indeed well overdue for a visit to the wonderfully grumpy Mr Baker at Bourne Brook Nurseries (CO9 1RJ)to see and to acquire more Fuchsias from his fabulous collection.

  2. Well, that has truly made me weekend better!!!!

    They really are so beautiful, and varied for one family of plants as Jon pointed out. Always one of my favorites. I'd wear a whole wig made of fuchsias if I could. Do they come back on their own each season? And do they need to be trimmed back at all when done blooming? Will they even stop blooming at this point I wonder!!! Your luckily to still have so many blooming. This was almost on par with watching fireworks, I dare say.

    1. I would love to see that wig if anyone was able to make it.
      There are 110 species of Fuchsias and well over 3000 fuchsia plant varieties with more new ones being produced every year. They are incredibly diverse! Not all are hardy but ours have survived a couple of Winters so fingers crossed for this year.

  3. Gorgeous!

    "Caroline", "Foolke" and "Holly's Beauty" are standouts for me - I especially love Foolke's colour. And I'm already looking forward to next year's display!

    P.S. I never did find out what all of mine are, but there's definitely a "Thalia" and a "Blackie/Blacky".

    1. Hello dear. I was thinking of you and your garden as I was writing this post.

      I had to go through the photos I had taken during the summer and found that they were not labelled. It was a job and a half to work out which was which as some are rather similar.

      You have picked out 2 of our favourites by the way. "Foolke" is officially described as hardy, upright, Tube colour magenta; Sepal colour magenta; corolla colour; dark plum. It would make a fab standard which is how we first saw it. "Holly's Beauty" is a lovely mix of pastels.

      I have found Blacky on Fuchsia Finder it is a useful web-site and this is the link


  4. Do you and The Mister invite chaps over to look at your Devonshire Dumplings?

    1. They are on display for the world to see but not to touch.

  5. The Delargo Towers Fuchsia Fest 2021 was quite pleasing and one that was nice to see with our cold temps. You'd swear you guys were in the topics with such blooming still going on. I had no idea the weather was so mild in the UK? I have always loved fuchsias also. The Royal Velvet is what we usually get here for the sunporch in the summer.

    1. Hello Agnes.
      Glad you enjoyed looking at our Fuchsia collection.

      December can often be mild here with the weather coming from the Atlantic. It is January and February that do the damage with colder weather coming across the North Sea from Siberia or the Arctic.

      Royal Velvet is luscious and I am sure will look fabulous on your porch next Summer.


  6. Merry Christmas!
    I always think of dancing ladies wearing frilly bloomers when I see Fuchsias.
    Have a lovely day!

    1. In Spain they call them the 'Queens Earrings' which can be very apt too.
      Hope you had a lovely Christmas