Tuesday, 30 June 2020

The Delargo Gardens - June

Here we are again me dears and to misquote the song,
' June has busted out all over'

The garden is full of colour.

The Solstice is over and it is 'Mid Summer'.

It is the time for Dahlias. New for us this year; Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff'
With our old reliable Dahlia behind.

 also new for us last year, our spectacular Hemerocallis 'Crimson Pirate'

 Coreopsis has never done well in our garden and this little thing is all that has survived from the plants we had. We stuck it in a small pot and put it on a sunny shelf and it has rewarded us with some bright and jolly flowers

 Our Phlox is looking and smelling amazing. This was taken mid month and now it is just all flower

  The last flush of our Rose - Veilchenblau

All the different Pelargoniums have done especially well this year - These are both regal

 and this a lovely coloured 'Ivy' Leaf'

 I am often told by a friend that our Petunias are a little vulgar!
Well - We don't care, we love them.

 We bought a New Guinea Impatiens and loved the colour so much we took cuttings. 
They came through the Winter on window sill.

 Elegant Clarkia is a difficult colour but we love it

Ipomoea Purpurea 'Kniola's Black' on the other hand is a fab colour and sits well with any thing
We grow it every year with the seeds we collect the year before 

 I love this plant  Nicotiana Mutabilis.
Why it is not grown more widely I have no idea .

Another plant that refuses to do well in our garden is Scabious. 
This is it's last photo!
It is now compost

 Verbena Bonariensis -

and yellow umbels of Bronze Fennel remind me that we are in mid Summer
even if the weather does not.

 Almost all of the Salvias are coming into flower.
They will take us right through to the end of Summer and into Autumn.

 Salvia Coccinea
 Salvia Amistad
 Salvia Love and Wishes

and Salvia Patens 'Oxford blue'

 Time for a proper look around

Fuchsias are doing so well this year and we are over the moon with our ferns

 This is my  'Wine Time' spot

 From there I get not only a fab view of our amazing Lily 'on Stage' but get to enjoy the scent too.
and trust me it could blow your socks off

 Well there tiz me darlins

just time for you to meet a very good friend of ours.
In fact it's every ones friend. It is a Lady Bird larvae.
together with the Hover Fly larvae they eat all the green fly.
We call them our little dragons

There are a few more stars waiting in the wings to take their turn in the spotlight next month.

So do pop back for a little visit.

I'll pop the kettle on when I see you.



  1. Yes - "Mid Summer" in inverted commas, indeed! The Spring has been marvellous in bringing all this abundance of flowers, yet June's weather has been intermittent to say the very least... and these blustery gales show no signs of abating yet. Hey ho - we make the most of the sunshine when we can, dear, and take pride in the fruits of our labours. Jx

    1. I think we have every reason to be pleased with our garden at the moment
      The weather however is another matter.

  2. That first picture and the ivy leaf shot were simply orgasmic for me!!!! You two are simply amazing and I do truly mean that. To achieve such color and variety. It brings such happy tears.

    The quote by Marcel Proust comes to mind. "Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."

    And those good creepy crawlies.

    1. Dear Mistress Maddie, I am quite taken aback my your very kind words.
      I am sure you are the first person to ever have linked Proust's name with mine. It is a lovely quote and one which I shall borrow from you if I may.

      Gardens and gardening make the both of us very happy and if anyone finds pleasure in our efforts then that fills me with joy.
      As you know we have a very small garden but try to make it cohesive while at the same time having some interesting and some less common plants. There should always be something new now and something to look forward to.

      Your comments make me feel that we have come some way to achieving that
      Thank you

  3. Oh, wow! What colourful and luxurient growth. I'm particularly taken by your handsome and showy Crimson Pirate!

    I was late with sowing Ipomoea this year (right at the end of May), but they're coming along - If they manage to look even half as lovely as yours I'll be pleased.


    1. Thank you.
      Hemerocallis 'Crimson Pirate' is indeed a stunner and is giving us so many blooms this year we are over the moon with it
      Don't worry your Ipomoeas' will catch up

  4. Is someone a little jealous of your Petunias, I wonder?
    Actually I am a little jealous of all your blooms! Though I do have a natural ability with ferns - they grow with no assistance in my garden!


    1. Hello Ms. Scarlet
      We love ferns here in Delargo Towers, and as I am from Devon I am bound too.
      You have a natural ability to be proud of and Ferns are far more classy than Petunias.

  5. Beautiful!!!!! All of it. You have things there I've not seen before. How do you decide on what you want to plant? It's all so colorful...what summer should be.

    1. Thank you Josh.
      We just love plants and mix up the old garden favorites with a few plants that are a bit less common, often grown from seed.
      If they grow, fab, if not we try something else.
      The next post will feature some climbers we are quite fond of.
      Hope you pop back to have a look