Wednesday, 29 April 2020

The Delargo Gardens - April

Here we are then me dears at the end of April and I am posting this on time for the time in yonks.
I would like to thank everyone for the amazing response I had to last month's post mainly due to the kindness of Mistress Maddie. I was tickled pink and no mistake.

April too has been very kind, giving us some lovely warm and sunny weather so everything is a little ahead of itself. Our bluebells flowered and are all but over.

I know it is only a handful in a pot but we both love them so, and they remind me of my childhood in Devon where there are vast carpets of them.

A few stars have kept on going from last month 
Ipheion uniflorum “Jessie” and “Rolf Fiedler” with the first of the auriculas. The other auriculas are just coming on now.

A second flush on the wallflowers.

The tulips looked amazing last month...

...and they just kept on keeping on. 
Then unexpectedly they were joined by a later flowering yellow.

Pure joy in a pot

Last year I bought a root of Lily of the Valley as a way remembering my Mother. It is now flowering for the first time and smells heavenly.

A great surprise to us both was finding a Snake's-head fritillary 'Fritillaria meleagris' in flower up in the top field.
We had brought some from the old garden when we moved but thought they were all lost. Hooray !

We have never had 'Forget Me Not' - Myosotis in the garden before. 
We will from now on though.
It's delightful:

As is our very tall and graceful Aquilegia which is just starting to flower.

Now then last month I gave you a tour of the grounds leading up to 'Delargo Towers' and so as not to disappoint here we are again

All rather similar to last month

but with a bit more flower dispite being rather neglected

In the main garden the surrounding weed trees are coming into leaf and the top of the garden is reverting back to a woodland garden.

All our dearly beloved plants are gathering towards the kitchen to get the sun

You can just see  what we call the top field in the distance in this photo. 
it is now a retirement home for the hyacinths and polyanthus that served us so well through the winter and early Spring

The amount of growth this month is staggering. 
Early on this month, it all looked much the same as March.
By the end of the month we are definitely heading into Summer.

Our Thalictrum is heading for the stars but it is almost impossible to photograph.

'Summer is a cummin in' and it is not even May yet !
This is Begonia "Angelique". 
Its flowers look like a rose and it actually smells like one too.

All the Pelargoniums are starting to kick in too.

and the first of the Regals is in flower complete with disco balls !

Well there tiz then me darlins.
We have been a bit busy trying making everything look like a garden rather than a old derelict nursery.
Dahlias are potted on, seeds are sown and pricked out. 
Rather difficult now in these odd times, as we are now completely without compost, even with re-using the old stuff from last year.

Hey Ho 
I am sure we will find a way. 
Pop in in May and find out. 
It would be lovely to see you and I will pop the kettle on...

Till then me lovelies


  1. As you say, the amount of growth everything has put on in just a month is incredible - it all bodes well for a faboo summer show! Jx

    1. Yeah and we have got compost!
      Now so we can 'prick out' to our hearts content

  2. I too must admit, I can't believe what difference a month makes. We are still unseasonably cool here. It seems the warm and sun won't last for more then two days at a time. Very, very late and unusual for us. Right now we are near the ending of our bulb flowering plants and flowering trees are going strong.

    I just adore all of it!!!!!! The Lily of the Valley are a favorite of mine. They smell so wonderful too. They will be next to bloom in the garden here.

    1. How lovely of you to pop in.
      Jon has just shown me Doylestown on Google maps and I can imagine you would be a little behind us in the season.
      Spring is a joy when ever it arrives and when it is gone we are into Summer yippee!
      Enjoy what we have I say and I look forward to seeing your lily of the valley on your blog in your garden.
      Chin chin

  3. It's all so pretty. I am loving the Aquilegia, and I also love when tulips are all blooming in large groups like that. I must try that next year. Those Pelargoniums I love too. I think they are called geraniums here. There oils are actually good for the skin.

    1. How sweet of you to drop by and have a look at our bijou garden.
      The tulips have been amazing. We just bought a mixed bag of 40 bulbs and stuck them all into one large clay pot. So much joy for so little effort.
      The Aquilegia only started last week so they and the Pelargoniums and the geraniums should all be looking lovely for the next post
      I do hope you pop by and have a look

  4. It's been so cool here, we haven't had much time with the rains to really get out and dig in. We have a lawn service that does the grass and hedges, so I get to have the fun times to do. With the current pandemic, we had to order our plants for delivery. As always, your blooms are always a joy to see. Must bring you guy joy. I hope you too can relax and enjoy it as well.

    1. Hello Agnes lovely to hear from you again.
      Spring was a little early for us this year April was very kind.
      If it is a little late for you at least you have staff to do the boring bits and when it comes you will enjoy it three-fold.
      For us the purpose of a garden is to enjoy it. We have to do some work to enable that to happen. The whole point is to enjoy.
      The weather has now turned worse for us here, so I hope it is getting better for you

  5. Truly inspiring! Love the idea of pots everywhere.

    1. How kind of you Tim
      Bur actually we have no choice Our garden is just 9 meters by less than 4 and completely paved.
      We basically stick every thing in pots and see what they do.
      pleased that you like it.

  6. I love tulips.
    Our bluebells were pushed out by white bluebells this year, which was a shame - I should have taken a picture.
    Your pictures are beautiful.

    1. Hello Ms Scarlet How lovely of you to pop in.
      I come from Devon so Blue Bells hold special memories for me.
      These were just a few bulblets in a pot from our garden center but they were surprisingly effective.
      The weather has turned a bit cold now but the garden is looking good and Both me and 'the other half' have been snapping away.
      Hope to see you again then.