Monday, 16 September 2019

Delargo Towers Fuchsia Fest 2019

Here we are then me lovelies with a round up of this years Fuchsias here at 'Delargo Towers'.
I have been promising to this for a few years now and it is rather a shame I have not. Our Fuchsias have looked wonderful this Summer but do not always get the attention they deserve in me monthly garden posts. I hope this will make amends, perhaps I should compile an annual catalogue from now on.

 01 Abbe Farges 

 02 Alison Patricia 

 03 Bella Lydia

 04 Bella Mariska 

04 Bella Rosella 

 06 Bella Sophia

 07  Blue Waves

 08 Bobolink

 09 Border Queen

10 Caroline 

 11 Cleantha 

12 CJ Howlett  

 13 Deep Purple 

 14 Devonshire Dumpling

15 Elfriede Ott 

 16 Foolke

 17 Hazel Elizabeth 

 18 Holly's Beauty 

 19 Italiano  

20 Jack Shahan 

 21 Katrina Thompson 

 22 Lady Boothby

 23 Lady Isobel Barnett

 24 Louise Nicholls 

25 Pink Rain 

 26 Princessita

 27 Quasar 

 28 Rivendell 

 29 Rose of Castile 

 30 Royal Velvet 

 31 Thalia 

 32 Viva Ireland 

33 Walz Jubelteen 

We are very pleased with our collection this year and I think Donny is too

Hope you enjoyed having a look and will pop back for a tour of the rest of the garden in the September post



  1. They are gorgeous - they really are! My mum loved fuchsias and had a greenhouse dedicated to them, she would have loved this post.

    1. Hello Ms Scarlet, thanks for popping in to visit. Your Mums greenhouse must have looked lovely. I think growing plants that remind us of people, places and times past is rather special. My Mum loved fuchsias' too and I am sure that is why I do.

  2. Always my favourite flower - and such good "do-ers", too. Roll on the Spring, when we will surely add more to the collection! Jx

    1. Indeed so. 33 fuchsia's is no where near enough !

  3. Oh Madame two should be proud of such a fine collection of fuchsias. I am so glad you featured a post for us to enjoy those blooms. The Blue Waves and the Quasar are my favorites color ways. I had a lovely day and this only brightened my evening. The picture themselves are quite detailed. Cheers to good work!!!!

    1. Thank you Mistress, it was your comment on my last post that prompted me to get on and do a one dedicated to our fuchsias'. So glad you liked it and yes Quasar is lovely